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NeverEvers - Learning from the Misfortune of Others

The NOT-To-Do List

Learning from the Misfortune of Others
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This community is dedicated to the exchange and donation of experiential knowledge for the purpose of saving the rest of Humanity from unnecessary anguish.

To put it simply, this is an ever-growing list of stuff you should never do.

A typical post might begin, "Never take 3 doses of NyQuil after.." "When you go to the beach, never fall asleep with your top undone..." "Today I learned never to..."

I hope this community will help all of us to save money, time, pain, face, that could otherwise have been lost had we not learned from the misfortune of others. Also, I hope we can all find a bright side to our bad experiences in that we can say, "Well, at least I have something to post in neverevers today!"

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